The Alkemistry's range of stunning, timeless jewellery is made from gold, diamonds and precious gemstones. It is exclusively curated from international female designers, and complemented by a unique personalised collection, handmade in London. Born in 2015 thanks to former Harrods’ buyer Kirstie Gibbs, The Alkemistry started its journey in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in London, before finding a home in Covent Garden where we had the great pleasure of bringing Kirstie’s visions to life.

One store, many meanings. The address, 22 Floral Street, reminds of the most powerful of all numbers in numerology: able to turn lofty dreams into realities, it is confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined.

Once inside, the customer will be part of a magical retail experience. The natural journey will take her/him through the different alchemy elements. Whimsical blue waves will characterise the walls behind the jewels, gold backgrounds and fluctuating light reminds us of the power of fire, strong ivy leaves will bring the customer back to earth while an arc of flickering lights will make them dream on air.

At The Alkemistry, you will find Carbon & Hyde, Dana Rebecca, Meira T, Kismet by Milka, Redline, Robinson Pelham, Sydney Evan, The Alkemistry, Zoë Chicco and Wolf.

A lighting feature that is starting conversations ..

A lighting feature that is starting conversations ..